ADAS SOP in 2020 jointly launched by Digen and Autoroad

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In order to ensure the SOP of ADAS system of multiple OEM projects, Autoroad formally signed a commercial agreement with Digen on the production and supply of ADAS system (Advanced Driving Assistance System) for Chinese and global markets, including the system development, mass production details and project action plan for the development and SOP of OEM ADAS systems, etc.


The cooperation between Digen and Autoroad start from early 2019. Through the benchmark comparison test of radar performance and application under different scenarios, the perceptual sensors fusion test of ADAS system, and the AEB system test, Digen confirmed the ADAS partnership with Autoroad. Autoroad and Digen are jointly developing systems for several OEM projects, including the largest domestic joint venture passenger vehicle brand, domestic independent electric passenger vehicle brand, domestic independent passenger vehicle brand and South Korean passenger vehicle brand, with mass production targeted at the end of 2020 and 2021 respectively. Autoroad provides 77GHz medium range and short range radars. At the same time, both sides are also expanding projects for internationally renowned passenger and commercial vehicle brands.




Radar benchmark comparison test site and one of the conclusion reports


“Digen and Autoroad have done radar benchmark comparison test last year, and selected the radar from one of the top international brands and Autoroad to conduct comparison test under different scenarios. As a result, Autoroad radar has reached the international standard in most test cases, and surpassed the performance of the tested international brand in several cases. Moreover, the radar system of Autoroad has the ability to integrate ADAS functions, which fully demonstrates its product competitiveness. Autoroad’s technical level, product performance and working style are in line with the expectations of Digen for partners. We are confident in the cooperation with Autoroad! - Chang Byung Eon, President, Hyolim Group (Digen)


The ADAS system, which is jointly developed by Digen and Autoroad, mainly includes Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) based on radar & camera data fusion. AEB system, as an active safety system, has been taken seriously in recent years because of the complex factors such as false alarm. The AEB system based on multi-sensor data fusion can better optimize the vehicle response time, target distance judgment and target relative speed judgment, provide the system with perception judgment redundancy, optimize judgment and decision-making time, and become an important basis for the realization of automatic driving.


Millimeter wave radar stably outputs target relative speed, target tracking data, target identification, TOS (target of selection) data to the fusion electronic control unit (ECU), or as the main sensor, integrates the fusion ECU, and fuses the data from the camera, steering angle sensor, yaw sensor, the vehicle, etc., so as to evaluate and judge the collision time and collision risk. Autoroad will provide hardware and software algorithms of 77GHz MRR system to achieve the performance of international level of radar products. It will work together with Digen, the Korean automotive chassis and ADAS system supplier, to produce and supply ADAS system with superior performance for Chinese and global markets.


Dr. Zhao Jie, founder and CEO of Autoroad, is very confident in the future of cooperation with Digen. "As a supplier of international and Chinese OEM vehicle brands in automobile chassis, vehicle entertainment system, automobile instrument, T-box and other parts, Digen has a good long-term partnership with international and Chinese OEM brands. Through the cooperation with senior international tier 1 like Digen, Autoroad benefits from its professional, rigorous, efficient and pragmatic working style, while at the same time, it concentrates on polishing Automobile Millimeter Wave Radar to help the pre-mounted ADAS system achieve stable and excellent performance in vehicle operation. We are also very confident to be successful in China and the international auto market together with Digen! "


Founded in 1999, Korea Hyolim Group is a famous tier 1 and steering system supplier in South Korea. Its main customers include Hyundai, Mitsubishi, GM, Dongfeng Yueda KIA, South Korea Ssangyong, Tata Daewoo, etc. Hyolim Group mainly includes Hyolim Industrial, Hyolim Precision, Hyolim HF, Hyolim Digen, OBIGO, Tianjin Hyolim and other subsidiaries. Among them, Hyolim Industrial, Hyolim HF and Hyolim Precision are mainly engaged in the R&D and production of automobile chassis parts. The core products include transmission shaft, shock absorber, front axle module, rear axle module, etc. Hyolim Digen is mainly engaged in OEM vehicle navigator and active safety driving ADAS system.


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