Autoroad Supplies 77GHz Radar System for Asian Automobile Brand

Date:2020-04-17 14:17:28Keyword:77GHzRadarADASAEBACC

Autoroad will provide 77GHz MRR and SRR for CUV model of an Asian vehicle brand in batches, and develop product functions and provide engineering services for ADAS system requirements of customer models.


In this project, Autoroad will cooperate with ERAE intelligence Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ERAE), a well-known Korean automobile chassis control system, engine and ADAS system supplier, to jointly develop AEB, ACC, LDW, AP and other functions of ADAS system and radar product supply.


Next, according to the technical conditions and requirements of the ADAS system of the vehicle model, Autoroad will work with ERAE to complete the ADAS system design specification, PPAP (production part approval procedure) approval, 77GHz radar system and ADAS system test and verification scheme. Autoroad will complete the supply of small-scale products within this year, and start the supply of large-scale products at the beginning of 2021 to meet the international launch plan of vehicle models in 2021.


ADAS system applied to CUV (Car-Based Utility Vehicle, also known as Crossover) will collect enough driving environment and vehicle data for steering, braking and shifting of vehicle control system through 360° perception. Based on 77GHz MRR, SRR, camera and other sensors, ERAE and Autoroad are jointly developing ADAS system functions such as ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking), LDW (Lane Departure Warning), LKAS (Lane Keeping Assist System), RCOA (Rear Cross Object Alarm), AP (Automatic Parking), etc.



Road test of ERAE and Autoroad in South Korea


"ERAE, as a global multinational enterprise, has rich experience in auto parts industry, with an annual global supply for more than 2 million vehicles. We are pleased to cooperate with ERAE, an excellent and experienced first-class automobile supplier, and to develop and supply products for customers' new model ADAS system functions. AEB and ACC in the intelligent driving system are related to the active safety and intelligent driving experience. Autoroad will spare no effort to give full play to its technical advantages and engineering experience in the field of 77GHz millimeter wave radar for its stable performance. "Said Dr. Zhao Jie, founder and CEO of Autoroad.


Autoroad are bound up with ERAE in a domestic project in 2018, and formally became ADAS strategic partners in 2019. ERAE has a history of 40 years in the auto parts industry. About 20 years ago, it successfully rose from the Korean auto industry and became the world’s leading first-class auto supplier. In particular, it has gained substantial growth for many years in R&D, production and supply of chassis control systems such as braking, driving and steering systems, air conditioning systems, electrical components, engines, etc.. In recent years, ERAE has created great performance in the field of automatic driving and have self-developed layout and application from autonomous driving L1 to L4. ERAE’s outstanding technology has been recognized by world-famous automobile manufacturers in more than 20 countries, including the United States, Germany, France, etc., and its customers include Audi, Honda, Toyota, GM, Ford, Kia, BYD, etc.


"ERAE has made great achievements in the field of automatic driving and ADAS after several years of investment and independent research and development. In terms of automotive radar and surround sensing, ERAE is pleased to work with Autoroad to develop an efficient and reliable ADAS system for customers. "said Nag-Gon Sung, CTO, ERAE AMS.


Autoroad have faith to meet and exceed customer expectations by focusing on products and technologies and constantly polishing and iterating the products to meet the requirements of intelligent driving.



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